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I’ve worked with world-renown Stanford faculty and business leaders to develop curriculum for the Stanford Graduate School of Business. My work took me around the world and covered a variety of industries, with an overall focus on the creation of consumer brands and the application of new technologies.

Through the course of my work, I analyzed how shifting US demographics impacted consumer branding and spending trends, worked with Ev Williams of Twitter and Medium to look at the challenges of building a successful digital media company, and worked with Katerra CEO Michael Marks to examine how his company is transforming the construction industry.

I’ve developed over 24 business cases and have included a few of my favorites below.

I worked with Stanford GSB Lecturer Rob Siegel and Medium + Twitter Founder Ev Williams to analyze how people author, consume and engage with content on the Internet. Medium developed a digital publishing platform and set of social network tools that allow people to spend substantive time with weighty issues facing society, business and politics.

Fighting the trend of quick engagement with short-form content on the Internet, Medium wrestles with how to deliver an experience that advances important topics with ease, flexibility, and meaning, while working to build a large and successful company. The challenges of building a successful digital media company, balancing tool development with content curation, and developing a successful monetization model are the core topics facing the firm’s leadership team. 

Stanford Marketing Professor Baba Shiv and I worked with Chief Design Officer Sam Yen to figure out how best to drive design thinking in global organizations. We found that geographically distributed teams pose a particular challenge for creative processes since many design thinking techniques assume that team members are in the same location. The case provides guidance on how to overcome issues related to geographic dispersion to foster design thinking in a multinational organization.

Along with Stanford Lecturer Peter Ziebelman and Claudia Munce, former head of corporate venture capital at IBM, we I developed the primer to teach how corporate venture capital functions within a multinational corporation.

GSB Lecturer Jeff Chambers and I detail the success of consumer packaged goods startup Walker & Company, founded by GSB alumnus Tristan Walker. We look at what it took to build a successful brand in the crowded CPG space by targeting a specific customer segment with a highly relevant message and branding assets. We also analyzed internal hiring decisions commonly found in rapidly growing startups.